How did I get here???

On August 14th, 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The past two years have been a roller-coaster ride of fear and exhilaration. You see, I also got engaged in 2008… I’ve had two surgeries, one in NYC and one in Portland, Oregon; each followed by a recurrence within months. I am now at Stage IV, with metastasis to the bones, and a local recurrence in my right breast.

After much research, medical advice on both coasts, diagnostic testing, and soul-searching, I have decided to seek treatment at the Cancer Hope Center in Reno, Nevada. Dr. Forsythe is on the cutting edge of integrative cancer care. I was lucky enough to be able to meet with him for a consultation on March 10th, and feel confident that this treatment will save my life.

I need to raise $30,000 for the initial three-week intensive treatment (which, in the world of cancer treatment is cheap!),which I hope to begin on April 19th, and up to $40,000, depending on the course of treatment and how I respond to it. Unfortunately, none of this is covered by my health insurance. I need help.

Please donate online using the link to the right to go to

Or, you can send donations to the “Meg Patterson Cancer Treatment Fund”, c/o Clatsop Community Bank, 988 Commercial St, Astoria, OR 97103

Below are journal postings chronicling my cancer treatments, appointments, hopes and fears.  They are in reverse chronological order, so I suggest starting to read from the bottom up.  If you’d like to know when I make a new post to this blog, please subscribe using the button to the right.


One Response to How did I get here???

  1. Carlton Bear says:

    I am experiencing empathy by osmosis. Study in contrasts…. My wife, Gaye, is a breast cancer survivor since 2001. Lost my mother to chemotherapy 10 years after her ‘radical mastectomy’and two months before our wedding (which we celebrated yesterday.. 23rd) She could have had a chance if the local yokel doctors had even just listened to her. Stanford told her that she might have had a chance if she had come a year sooner…

    Your courage, tenacity, hope, endurance, love, frustrations, visions and most of all expression of your soul’s feelings of all these have been a read for me that I will never forget… I do not have the expressive skill you do. You’ve taken me past the eyes leaking to the raw and sharp emotions and memories of sharp pains that I have experienced and can use in trying to relate to yours…

    Scanning your photos… I spotted a picture of you holding the tiller of a sailboat. I’m using that as a symbolic metaphor …. bookmark…in my thoughts about you.

    Mind your helm sailor…
    Your Captain from 12th night

    p.s. Am putting a new engine in our boat ‘seaBear’ and hoping to do some sailing soon. Please stay in touch so we can go sailing.

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