Home again


Sorry for the long silence.  Great news from my doctors back home (after the Reno treatment).  The cancer spread on the breast surface appears to have improved by 90%! – that’s a quote from my dubious oncologist.  AND my cancer markers are down by ten points.  YAY!

To those of you who so generously donated to my Cancer Treatment Fund, THANK YOU!  I want you to know that I was aware every second of the time that I was in Reno, that it was only through the gifts of others that I could be there at all.  Being able to pay for my treatment without having to worry about bouncing a check (!) was the greatest gift of my life.  There is NO way I could have done this without you all.  I am humbled, and inspired to try to help others too.  I’ve already started hatching a plan for some kind of foundation that does this… when I am through with my own treatments, and stronger, of course.

The end of the treatment was very chaotic because the day we were to drive back to Oregon, Mark had a seizure.  He lost some memory (temporarily) and I had quite a time trying to explain to him what we were doing in Reno, NV!  So, we stayed a few extra days, and I carefully transported him home.  He’s doing much better now…  One of the doctors from the clinic, Babs Clough, even made a housecall that night to check on him.

Dr. Forsythe’s clinic in Reno was amazing, not only because of the practitioners and the holistic nature of the treatment, but because the other patients were so interesting and inspiring.  I am going to write a separate post about the protocol specifics for those who are interested.  But the days were exhausting with IV treatments and lots of doctor appointments with tons of new information each day.  I had a couple of “Herksheimer Reactions” where I was very sick, but the doctors were (sadistically, it seemed) thrilled to see that and encouraged me to keep going.  And I did.  It was about the 5th day of treatment when I realized that my tumors were visibly shrinking, and that was motivation enough to keep going.  I didn’t have any trouble with my veins until the last day, when they “blew out” twice trying to find a good one.  I was really glad, because sometimes people need to have a “port” installed, and I did not want to go through that…

Now that I’m back home, it’s a little harder.  I still have to keep up a routine of diet and dozens of supplements, plus a weekly Vitamin C IV treatment (for which I have to drive 2 hrs each way to Portland), and try to get back to normal life.  It’s harder without the support of the clinic staff, the enthusiasm of the doctors there, and the peer support from fellow patients.  Also, Mark had to go back to NY, so I am on my own again.  I have kept in touch with a few other patients by email, and that is helpful.

There’s also the constant worry about the cost of continuing this treatment, but I know I MUST find a way, because now I have proof that it’s working.  [I do have “before and after” pictures, but I don’t want to post them on the public website.  If you know me and want to see them, please ask and I will email them to you.]

Thanks again everyone, and please do check out the new fundraisers on the tab above.  There are a couple of friends donating their vacation rentals that will help raise the funds for me to go back to Reno for a tune-up in August.  One is in Salt Lake City, near world-class ski resorts; and the other is in St. Croix — http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=125229407490736

Blessings to all!


2 Responses to Home again

  1. Karen Wagner says:

    Meg! It was so good to hear from you and to see that your time in Reno was a positive one. Your writing here is such an inspiration. I’m keeping both of you in my prayers. I need to catch up with Mark. I’m the one Mark met in Oregon – while both of us live in Brooklyn. I use to have Epilepsy too and Mark and I both went to the NYU Epilepsy Center! Talk about a small world! On top of that – Mark and my sister both like to work with kids and nonprofits. So I hooked the two of them up! Astoria, OR?? Population 10,000?? Brooklyn, NY – Population 4,000,000? What do you think the chances on both of us being at the Blue Scorcher at the same time?

    Please give Mark my best. The two of you are such brave and inspiring people. I hope if I ever get in a situation like yours, God FORBID!, I have your courage and tenacity!

    Peace and continued blessings,


  2. Shirley Ellis says:

    Hi Meg,
    You have such GREAT courage and are always kindly thinking of others. I am so glad we met in DR F’s clinic and had some time together.
    I went to MX to talk with Dr Walker to get some more answers. I do have a new hope which Dr F recommended and Dr W agreed that it will provide some hope for me. I am coming home today Too Early but hopefully a fluid draw will give me the relief. Todd and Cove are picking me up It will be so good to see them. Cheers, Shirley

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