Cautiously Ecstatic

The good news is that my cancer markers have gone down for the second month in a row.  Dr. Forsythe called me from Reno when he got the report to congratulate me!  So I guess the wedding plans are on for October!  It feels reckless to be planning a forever thing when just recently I was thinking it was the end of the line…

So to celebrate, my wonderful friend and neighbor Carrie took some photos of Mark and me and (a reluctant) Tasha, all dressed up, yesterday down at the train station.  Thanks Carrie!


6 Responses to Cautiously Ecstatic

  1. grammageorgeson says:

    Congratulations and Best Wishes Meg. Great Photo! Thank you for Blogging your experiences. It has touched my heart deeply.

    A friend from Center for Spiritual Living

    Jane Georgeson
    Svenson, OR

  2. Carrie says:

    Happy to do, it, Meg. Mazel tov!!!

  3. Jan Powell says:

    This is FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! So happy to hear this!! Have been thinking of you, and am now cautiously ecstatic, too! Much love to you and Mark.

  4. Bari George says:

    Meg love – these photos are just beautiful! Both of them are priceless. thanks so much for taking them, for sharing them. i feel like I was there at the railroad tracks with you. 🙂 What incredible news from Reno!! You have a formula that’s working – just stick with it!! The meds, the love, the life plan, the partner … it’s all working together. Hang in there sweetie, you have every reason to be ecstatic and caution is always a good thing. Much much much love to you and Mark. xox Bari

  5. Carol Swedborg says:

    I’m just plain ecstatic!!!!!!
    Wonderful news.

  6. Nan Reed Twiss says:

    Meg, your news has been bubbling around in my heart like champagne in the mouth. I LOVE hearing these reports! And the photos say so much…I know what Bari means about feeling like she’s there. I know the journey is not easy, but you’re doing it. May this continued progress buoy you up! I love you, miss you…. Love to you both, Nan

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