Home from Reno


I am SO happy to be home from Reno.  Even though it’s where I need to be for treatment, the dry air and heat in Reno just don’t agree with me.  Also, SO many people smoke there!  Now I am back to the fresh air of the Pacific Northwest and all my healthy habits.  I can walk by the river and go to the Farmers Market today.

OK, so there WAS one very good thing about Reno – MY VESPA SCOOTER!  I got my housing this time for free by placing a listing on HomeExchange.com, and it turned out that a very nice hairdresser in Reno with an apartment in the historic older part of town near the river wanted to do a non-simultaneous exchange.  So I stayed in her apartment while she stayed with friends across the hall, and I had the use of her scooter while I was there!  It was a real challenge, riding in the heat and smog, but I’ve loved Vespas ever since I rented one in Italy years ago, and took to it again pretty easily.  There was one day when I felt too depleted from the treatment to scoot, and that day my friend Krista (we met last time, and arranged to go back for the same week this time), picked me up in her air-conditioned Volvo – bless her.

So, my markers are down, my blood work looks good, the doctors were VERY pleased with my progress, and revised my protocol somewhat.  I think I will take about 10 fewer pills a day (still taking over 50 pills a day, plus some nasty tasting – and expensive – liquid Poly-MVA).  And I will start alternating IV Chelation therapy with my weekly IV Vitamin C routine.  The results of a hair analysis showed that I have high levels of Cadmium, Tin, and Lead in my body and I need to get rid of that to keep the cancer in check.  Unfortunately, I also still have parasites, possibly from a trip to Peru 20 years ago, so I will be taking Artemesia and a homeopathic Parasite tincture for that.  Whew!

And the wedding plans are still in progress.  Yesterday on the way home from Portland airport, I went to an AMAZING fabric store there called Mill Ends, and got some exquisite ivory English netting and lace to make my wedding veil.  I spent about three hours in sensory heaven there, looking at all kinds of fabric I don’t need, and dreaming up projects in a way that I haven’t done in many years.  Such fun!

Thank you to everyone who has been donating to make my treatments possible.  I am starting a new fundraiser on GiveForward.org that will be up and running later this week, as I still owe the clinic about $7,000 for last week, and I have to get about $1500 of treatments and medicines each month now.  Medicaid thankfully covers the Zometa, Zoladex, Femara, and even some Acupuncture! but there are still co-pays and necessary treatments that they do not cover.  It really doesn’t make sense to me, since what I’m doing is working and is cheaper by far than traditional chemo… but that’s how it is, so I must raise the money for myself.

So, in my mind anyway, I am scooting on!  [I’m wondering how one can add a pair of matching Vespas to a wedding registry…. ]

Driving AWAY from the clinic!!!


One Response to Home from Reno

  1. Carol Swedborg says:

    Wonderful news all around. Keep up the good work. I know what you mean about sensory heaven in a fabric store. Works that way for me too.



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