Good News!


Finally, some good news! I have been so afraid to write, because for the past few months it has felt very scary – like a runaway train – with my cancer markers rising (rising is BAD) exponentially each month.  But my last blood test showed that my markers are going DOWN (down is good).  The normal range is about 0-35, and both sets of markers had climbed to over a thousand, so now they have dropped by about 300 points each.  Markers aren’t a perfect measure, but this could mean that something I am doing is working!!!

The difficult thing with cancer treatment is that you often don’t know what is working, so the best course right now is to continue with everything.  And to do that, I really need to continue fundraising…

Thank you SO much to everyone has given and spread the word.  You have no idea how important your support and kind notes have been to me over the past few months.  Since July I have tried several new drugs, had twenty IV treatments, multiple shots, swallowed hundreds of pills, and been sticking to a strict diet and cleanse protocol.  I’ve lost over thirty pounds and am now at a healthier weight, which greatly increases my chances of survival. What keeps me going is knowing that I am loved and feeling the support of my family and friends.  And unlike a few months ago, due to this recent good news about the markers, I am allowing myself to think more about the future and trying to figure out how/when I might be able to do some theatre work again.

Metastatic cancer is difficult in many hidden ways.  Of course there’s the physical effects of the cancer and the side effects of the treatments.  But more insidious is the way it colors your thinking about the future.  Pretty much any planning beyond three months out feels too ambitious and risky.  I am hoping to change that!

The way GiveForward works is that I can withdraw funds as I go along, so the money already raised has been well spent on my treatment so far.  In order to continue with the protocol that’s working, I need to raise more funds in December and onward.  Last month there was a wonderful fundraiser at our local yoga studio – RiversZen – and Mark’s documentary film about his mother’s amazing life, “Dancing Lessons”, was shown.  There was live music by Acustica and it was very well attended.  Over $1000 was raised!

I am so blown away by everyone’s generosity and certainly have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

May you all be deeply blessed,


p.s. Please feel free to “LIKE” my fundraiser page and re-post to Facebook.  The more the merrier!


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