Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…


(This is an old post from July that never got posted.  Sorry!) Well, no news has been good news, and things have been stable for the past 3 years since my going to the clinic in Reno for complementary treatment.  I am coming up on the 5th anniversary of my cancer diagnosis.  But in the past six months, the picture has changed quite a bit, and I wanted to let people know what’s been going on.
My cancer markers started rising in January, so we knew something was wrong, and the latest PET scan in May showed “widespread metastatic disease” in the bones, and cancer spots on the liver.  My liver actually started to hurt (pain in my side) and I knew I had to change course fast.  I’ve now started getting Xgeva shots for the bones, and Faslodex shots to stop the estrogen, so it’s back to bone pain, flu symptoms, & hot flashes 24/7.  That’s the mainstream oncology approach to this.
I also considered going back to the clinic in Reno, which really saved my life in 2010, but decided first to check out an excellent naturopathic doc in Portland where I’d been getting my Vitamin C IVs (Nature Cures Clinic) who is getting lots of attention for his cancer fighting program – Dr. Greg Nigh.  Last week I got one more IV of Vitamin C and DMSO, which seems to stop the liver pain, thankfully, and decided I will embark on his full four week program on July 8th to supplement my oncologists tactics and try to get this thing turned around before it can spread to other organs.  It includes a strict ketogenic diet, Kelly’s Enzymes, Nutritional IVs, and lots of detox – like coffee enemas and saunas – which I have never done before (or not fully), so I have high hopes. All of his protocols are evidence based and he has lots of patients who are Stage IV and doing better than expected by their mainstream doctors.  It also has a high cost, so I will be starting another GiveForward fundraiser.  *Sigh*  I hate to do it again, but it’s the only way to get the funds – I need to raise about $40,000 to cover the costs for a year – 7000 is the first month (treatment and lodging) and then it tapers down.  I am on disability now, and can’t work and do this at the same time, so it’s really my only option.
I will need to be in Portland five days a week for the first month, so I’m taking month-long sublet there that has the kind of kitchen I need – serious kitchen!
Next step: It’s become almost impossible for the nurses to find a vein in me with out scar tissue to gather blood and give IVs, and every encounter has been so painful, that I decided to get a port.  I had the surgery a week ago Wednesday at St Vincent’s in Portland, and although the placement went well, the area around the port started itching almost immediately.  Thursday was tolerable, but Friday I had to drive back to Portland to look at apartments, and see Dr. Nigh and his Nutritionist, and it was 93 degrees.  The itching developed into a rash and hives, which I was trying to cover with scarf (in the heat!) so as not to freak landlords out, and by the time I drove home last night it was intolerable.  I lay awake for most of the night with my throat and chest feeling like they were on fire, and got up this morning and went to the ER.  They gave me Prednisone, Ranitidine, and Benydryl, and I went right to sleep!  It’s still irritated, but doing much better.  I’m hoping the first needle stick in the new port goes smoothly!  They think I had an allergic reaction to the adhesives they used during the surgery and for the dressings.  Oy.  Nothing’s easy in Cancer-land, but this is relatively minor.
SO, that’s the news in bigger-than-a-nutshell.  I’m still fighting, but feeling scared and overwhelmed by the logistics. The new fundraiser link is above right, and here:
Donations can also be sent to:
Meg Patterson Cancer Fund
c/o Clatsop Community Bank
988 Commercial Street
Astoria, OR 97103
I have a lot of work to do to get my fundraiser going, and get myself to Portland, but Mark is helping me, my mom is on the way, and I am already feeling the support and prayers of many friends.  Feel free to share this information and the fundraiser link with friends, and people who like to support such causes.  There is a Facebook share button on the page to make that easy, but personal emails help too.
Wishing you all health and love,

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