Raffle of Curios from Around the World

Help Meg win her fight against cancer, and win a treasure from Sue’s Curio Raffle!

You can help Meg pay for her successful cancer treatment AND can score one (or more!) of the 75 unique items from around the world, including:

You are guaranteed an item if you buy tickets for the raffle. The raffle will close when 75 tickets are sold. (Note: at least 50 tickets must be sold to include the Warlhol relic).

Here’s how it works:

  1. Donate to Meg’s cancer fund: $25 for one ticket, 5 tickets for $100.
  2. Send Sue proof of your donation, a list of your top 5 to 10 item choices, and your contact info.
  3. Sue will put your name on a ticket or tickets.
  4. After 75 tickets are sold, or on October 31 at noon pacific time (whichever comes first), Sue will randomly draw tickets.
  5. First name drawn gets first choice of item, second name gets second choice of item, and so on until everyone who bought a ticket has received an item.
  6. Sue will mail the item(s) to you, or you can pick them up.

Donate to buy your tickets:

  • Go to the Meg Patterson Cancer Fund site and donate online (or use the link in the upper right corner of this page); then send a copy of the receipt to suegemmell at gmail dot com OR…
  • Send a check made out to “Meg Patterson Cancer Fund,” c/o Sue Gemmell, 3821 NE Wistaria Drive, Portland, OR 97212; I will forward checks to Meg’s bank.
  • Be sure to include your name, shipping address and contact info, and include your top five to ten item choices.
  • In addition to listing your preferred items, consider including “Surprise me” or “Skip to the next person” in your list.

A mystery treasure awaits you! Something to keep or to give to a friend.

Note: the actual value of these items is unknown. By participating, you understand that this raffle is informal, and the primary goal is to have fun helping Meg. Tickets should not be purchased for investment purposes 🙂


One Response to Raffle of Curios from Around the World

  1. Gary Bailer says:

    Hello sweetness! Right now my funds are tight but I will surely buy at least one ticket. You are constantly in my thoughts and I know you’ll beat this. I’ll talk at you soon! Love, Me.

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