Raffle – Theater Tickets, by Susan Jonas

A chance to win two tickets to a NYC show for only$20!

Six theatres have donated two tickets each to seven shows to help raise funds for our friend Meg Patterson, who is struggling with cancer and lacks adequate health insurance.  You can buy a chance to win two tickets for $20/chance (Feel free to buy more than one chance).

Plays in the Raffle:

Starring Claudia Shear

Annual Play Marathon
featuring well-known and emerging playwrights

The One Man (Two Man (Not Quite)) Hamlet

With Glee

Doctor Knock, or the Triumph of Medicine

This Side of Paradise

Lascivious Something

Raffle Participation Instructions

  1. Immediately notify Susan Jonas by email  (SJonas7838@aol.com). Include the number of chances you are buying and the best way to reach you on May 1. Indicate your order of preference for the six plays listed above, should you be selected.
  2. Send a check for $20 for each raffle chance (every chance is for two tickets) payable to Meg Patterson Cancer Treatment Fund, to Susan Jonas, (702 West End Avenue, apt 4B, NY NY 10025). All proceeds from these raffles go DIRECTLY to Meg’s Cancer Treatment Fund.
  3. Use PayPal: go to www.dramaticrisks.org, contribute $20 for each raffle chance, email Susan Jonas when you have done so; your donation will go to Meg’s medical fund.
  4. On April 30, we will randomly select six winners (or more –  if we collect more ticket donations, as we hope!).  The first winner will have first choice, the second winner second choice, and so on.  Susan will notify winners on Saturday, May 1, and  provide the details to get in touch with the theater, choose a date and claim the tickets.

Thank you in advance for participating!

To donate directly to Meg’s fund, go to http://www.giveforward.org/megpatterson/


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